About me


Welcome to a small sweet home of a Vietnamese funny crazy  girl, named Linh. And that girl is me. My head is not good enough to keep all memories alive so this blog was born for some little thing that worth saving. I used to have a private vietnamese blog, sometime I reread things written for long time ago, It made me so surprised about myself, I saw my mature day by day.


I graduated Economics major of National University, and working as a 9-to-5 -officer more than 7 months. Although I love my colleagues, my boss but I found that I was  not belong to this job, not belong to the serious meeting. However, I did not know which job I really love too. I got lost and felt stressful. I decided to quite this job without any plan for future. The last working day, We have a farewell party though out the night. The morning after, I went to follower-market buying a punch of sun flower. Looking its brilliant, smiling with myself, and beginning unemployment time.

It has been a year since that day- a gap year to define myself, who I am, what I love, what is mission of life… It is tough but significant time in my life,  happiness – sorrow- confusion all are come… That is my story when people ask me what I am doing.

And bellow my hobbies:

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms”- Muriel Rukeyser. I love to hear story of other people, with someone who is empathy, I also can spend all day and night to tell my story.

I love reading book and but hardly read newspaper :v :v I read many kind of book, but at that time I addict to book that help to discover the deep of life, the soul… One of the novel I love the best is Zorba the Greek.

I love travelling, alone or just a few friend. I see that it is not easy to share the trip with other people though they are my close friend.

Along with travelling, photography is the most favorite thing I wanna do. I have my first digital camera one year ago.

I am a macrobiotic vegetarian.  some people worry the vegetarian diet will lack of nutrition for body, I loose no kilogram but my mind and my body seem softer. I will show the reason I become vegan in another post.

I am addicted to coffee. It seems I can not live without coffee. A cup of arabica black coffee with no sugar every morning make my day is more exciting.



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